May 7, 2017


MOST frequently asked questions about class…..

Do I need a partner?
…..You do not need a partner for any Swing Tulsa Style class.  Partners will rotate
throughout the class time.

Why should I rotate partners?
…..We encourage partner rotation because you will learn more about lead and follow
technique through the experience of dancing with different partners.  The feedback from
each experience helps dancers to self-evaluate their own connection, footwork or timing
for improvement.

What should I wear to class?
….Wear comfortable clothing for class.  There is no protocol, however, the STS classes
are very casual. Whatever casual means to you–slacks, jeans or shorts.  Shoes should
also be comfortable and low-healed. However we STRONGLY recommend avoiding
rubber or non-skid soles. Leather or smooth bottom shoes are best. WCS traditionally
is not danced in high-heals, especially for beginner students.

Are there benefits of membership?
….STS members receive discounts on most STS-sponsored classes and dances.  Membership is $24 per person or $24 per family.

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